Tucnak stable

All packages require library glib (may be already in your distribution). Very recommended is package tucnak1-data if you want to use graphics. You can optionally use cwdaemon, ssbd and SDL.


tucnak1-1.32.tar.gz 807.6kB 18.Mar 2007 20:24:50 
tucnak1-1.31.tar.gz 807.5kB 01.Mar 2007 19:15:47 
tucnak1-1.30.tar.gz 807.6kB 02.Oct 2006 20:07:40 

tucnak1-data-1.04.tar.gz 1566.3kB 16.Feb 2006 20:46:24 

tucnak1-data-1.04-1mdk.noarch.rpm 1357.2kB 17.Apr 2005 19:40:04 
tucnak1-data-1.04-1.fc3.noarch.rpm 1357.5kB 13.Apr 2005 20:47:23 

Gentoo ebuild files

tucnak1-1.32.ebuild 0.9kB 18.Mar 2007 20:22:03 
tucnak1-1.31.ebuild 0.9kB 18.Mar 2007 20:21:37 
tucnak1-1.30.ebuild 0.9kB 02.Oct 2006 20:03:00 

Binaries for Cygwin (Windows)

Warning! Windows version of Tucnak has limitations! It's supposed to be only demo.

tucnak-cygwin-1.19.zip 2167.5kB 15.Apr 2005 17:16:28 

Libraries for CYGWIN

glib-1.2.10-cygwin-shared-bin.tar.gz 106.0kB 17.Feb 2003 11:46:44 


cwdaemon-0.5beta.tar.gz 167.0kB 14.May 2003 21:34:22 

SSB daemon (voice keyer)

Download this package only if you want to use voice keyer for SSB CQ. You need Tucnak version 1 or above. Ssbd requires libraries glib and libsndfile.

SSB daemon

ssbd-0.10.tar.gz 186.9kB 27.Apr 2006 18:56:06 
ssbd-0.09.tar.gz 186.9kB 27.Apr 2006 18:56:05 
ssbd-0.08.tar.gz 124.1kB 16.Feb 2006 21:14:28 

RPM packages

ssbd-0.08-1.fc4.i386.rpm 42.9kB 16.Feb 2006 08:09:37 


libsndfile-1.0.5.tar.gz 619.8kB 13.Oct 2003 10:42:22 
libsndfile-1.0.17.tar.gz 800.2kB 01.Jul 2008 09:16:44 

Monitor for SSBD

Simple monitor for SSBD. Displays volume of SSB CQ and volume of recorded signal. Needs ssbd 0.8 or newer. Ssbm requires libraries glib.

SSB daemon

ssbm-0.03.tar.gz 153.2kB 27.Apr 2006 18:56:00 
ssbm-0.02.tar.gz 153.1kB 27.Apr 2006 18:56:00 
ssbm-0.01.tar.gz 153.0kB 27.Apr 2006 18:56:00 


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