Ssbd (SSB daemon) is voice keyer for use in hamradio. It's written as part of Tucnak, contest log for VHF contests, but is possible to use ssbd with arbitrary other program. Primary site is, mirror is



Program require two libraries. First is Glib version 1.2. Second library is libsndfile. Version probably doesn't matter, I use current last release, version 1.0.5.



Recommended wiring

This is only example. You can use other wiring if you want. Here is same circuit in PostScript and here is schematics created in gschem.



You can use these macros:

And all macros known for strftime (see man 3 strftime), example of some usable macros:


Here are commandline arguments:

Program Interface (API)

This chapter is usable only for developers or experienced users who want to debug behavior of ssbd.

Normally, program listen on UDP port 7890 on all network interfaces. In one packet can be more than one command lines separated by CRLF or LF. (Characters 13,10 or 10 in decimal). Command line begins with command. It's exactly one character descripting the action. The rest of command line is argument. There is no space between command and argument!

Some command can reply to main program. Format of reply is described below.

Commands are:


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