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Under Tucnak you can use very popular VHF chat made by Alain, ON4KST. Most of uses probably uses web interface on http://www.on4kst.com/ . You can use it too in web browser but better way is to use telnet interface in one of Tucnak's shell.

In shell window run:

marvin ok1krq$ telnet www.on4kst.info 23000
Connected to sd45.sivit.org.
Escape character is '^]'.
This telnet access is reserved to HAM only
Your IP address is x.x.x.x

 Chat selection ?
50/70 MHz..............1
144/432 MHz............2
Low Band...............5
50 MHz IARU Region 2...7
Your choice           :

Enter number of chat. For you info about commands, use command


If you want to highlight your message for other call, type

/CQ I4XCC Hi Claudio try 3cm?

It is good feature because web users can oversigt your message in strong chat traffic.


You can use same keys like in other windows - Alt+P, Alt+N for history scrolling, Alt+H for history display, [ and ] for scrolling.

New feature in 2.14 is Alt+K which is similar to Alt+P. But shows only commands beginning with /CQ and adds text like:

/cq I4XCC (I4XCC) _

Simply enter new text for I4XCC


By click on spot Tucnak recognizes callsign and show all lines containing this call in yellow. Worked calls are displayed in dark yellow. Second click displays line in normal grey colour. This doesn't work if spot is highlighted by call in text, not sender's call.