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Tucnak is also available on Amazon Kindle book reader. Currently is in beta state, any feedback will be welcome. The way was discovered by Ondra, OK1CDJ. TNX! Tucnak on kindle3.png

Tucnak on Kindle :)


  • Press F10, S, T and uncheck Color checkbox
  • Press F10, S, F to save configuration


  • Run myts by press Shift T T, go to /mnt/us/tucnak and run

Features not included

  • Tucnak is compiled only with minimal set of libraries. No graphics, no hardware control, no sound.
  • Networking works

Known bugs

  • Background is not always drawn correctly. Ondra said it is no big problem. We will work on solution, it seems problem is on both myts's and tucnak's sides.


Tucnak kindle3.png