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Now is suitable to set Tucnak for specific station. It's good idea to have a few users for different callsigns in operating system. I have two users, ok1krq for a big contest (club callsign OK1KRQ/OK2M) and for other contests I use my callsign OK1ZIA as user ok1zia.

Log to system as a contest user and run Tucnak. Enter to menu by F9 or F10 key. Follows recommended settings:

  1. Contest defaults
  2. Band defaults
  3. Responsible operator
  4. CW daemon
  5. SSB daemon
  6. CW CQ
  7. SSB CQ
  8. CQ macros
  9. Autosave
  10. Network & trace
  11. Load C_W from net

WARNING! Using of different versions of Tucnak is NOT recommended because older tucnak doesn't know all configuration options in tucnakrc file and if it saves as configuration in older version of Tucnak then options are lost where old version of Tucnak isn't known. If you use different versions of Tucnak then is recommended to use them under different users.