Contest options

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Contest opened
  • Name of the contest - name of Contest in free form.
  • Callsign in contest - your callsign used in contest.
  • Club station - callsign of your club station. Can be used to score more stations together but AFAIK unused.
  • Your WWL - your World Wide Locator, f.e. JN69UN.
  • Your EXC - your optional exchange if it is used.
  • Date of contest - Date of beginning of contest in the form YYYYMMDD. You can set future date to only prepare log for future contest.
  • Only digits mean - Parsing of two or more digits can be changed. Depending to atual contest they can be resolved as none, RST-S, RST-R, QSO-NR-R or EXC.
  • QSO nr used - three state checkbox, select if QSO number us unused (empty), used (X) or optional (O).