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This feature is marginal for Tucnak,support may not be complete.

Tucnak is partially supporting ATV contests. Support is based on IARU VHF Manager's handbook 9. Do not forget to set mode (Menu Bands, Set Mode, ATV). 599 appears in RST-S column.

RST is used similar to CW, T means quality. EXC is four random digits.

  • RCVD RST+EXC: 5991234 (preferred way)
  • RCVD RST only: 599, (comma)
  • SENT RST: 599' (apostrophe)
  • EXC only: 1234. (dot)
  • WWL: only 4 and 6-characters WWL are supported, choose in Contest options
  • No serial number

Call is standard, PSE look at Activity.