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  • Fixed upgrade/HTTP timeout, TNX to OK1UGE
  • CW word space length fix, TNX to OK1DOL
  • New libSDL 2.30.1 for Windows builds
  • Always show aircraft provider name
  • Default KST QRB is 910km
  • Aircraft dump1090 support, TNX to SQ6EMM


  • Fixed unability to run without admin rights under Windows, TNX to OK7KM, OK2SLC



  • Next libiconv call fixes, TNX to OK2JTB, M0KOV



  • Fixed error message, TNX to G1OGY
  • Reviewed errno handling, TNX to G1OGY
  • Some libiconv call fixes, TNX to IN3UPQ
  • Next fix for Davac5 udev rules, TNX to OK1ELE



  • Return to manualy save the tucnakrc (many many problems with autosave)
  • Linux udev rules for CM108 family (Davac5), TNX to OK1ELE
  • Fixed linux rotar save freeze, TNX to M0KOV



  • Removed Dump RW bands and hashes
  • KST QSO phase filter, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Fixed PortAudio device search (hostApi)
  • Fixed PortAudio recording devixe, TNX to OK2WO
  • Fixed Paypal donate, TNX to G1OGY



  • feed, TNX to OV3T
  • Donate via PayPal or Buymeacofee
  • Truetype font
  • Centerwwl, OSN credentials null fix
  • MinASL tested on load
  • ASfile fixed unknown wingspan
  • AS print ICAO24 address (ID)
  • Disabled RS Meteox and Wetteronline
  • HTTPS (openssl) under Android
  • Rainviewer timer fix
  • libzia TLS message fix



  • Fixed overflow bug in AS options under Linux, TNX to G1OGY
  • Default AS provider is ADSB One
  • Fixed RS SCP dist 310
  • Fixed Linux ttys *printf without arguments



  • New option AS Center WWL
  • AS tracking also for remote rotator
  • ADS-B One feed, TNX to G1OGY
  • Optimized file read in AS thread
  • Better HTTP error reporting
  • Fixed Feed filename load in AS options dialog. TNX to OK1ELE
  • Memory leak fixes



  • Aircraft file feed returned for
  • Wingspan from icao24, many TNX to G1OGY
  • Fixed wingspan respects imperial units setting
  • Fixed rotars reinit race condition while AC tracking
  • Added configure --without-hidapi
  • OpenSky-network feed



  • Fixed config save after window resize
  • Aircraft size, TNX to OK1MZM



  • Aircraft scatter changed feed to firefox addon
  • Rig config
  • Fixed oct8tor wait for thread
  • Fixed rig close (unlock filename)
  • Fixed broken rig_handshake_none



  • Save PortAudio device names instead of numbers
  • Davac5 full support
  • Fixed oct8tor leaks
  • Removed obsolete hdkeyb support
  • JP90 is in SM5, TNX to OK1MZM



  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed AS crash, TNX to OK1UGE and SQ6EMM
  • Fixed subwin save, TNX to OK2SLC
  • Fixed Log lines change, TNX to OK2SLC



  • QRG for sked saves contest
  • Rig and Rotar poll intervals set to valid values
  • Removed Terminal options
  • Configuration autosave after OK in every setup dialog
  • Map keys (L) only without modifiers (Ctrl)
  • Gain graph redraw after band change
  • Removed floppy autosave



  • Save QRG for all bands into contest files
  • Fixed crash bad font size, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Fixed subwin highlight for characters >=0x80
  • Oct8tor support
  • Names and FM Pohar update, TNX to OK4DJ
  • Winkey echoback, TNX to OK4DJ
  • Load from net loads also contest defaults
  • Fixed KST messages (/CQ)
  • Fixed chart redraw after new QSO, TNX to OK2SLC
  • Removed Alt+G



  • Initial window type in Change type, TNX to OK2SLC
  • Fixed chart after EDI load, TNX to OK2SLC
  • Fixed: new KST stations are red, TNX to OK1MZM
  • cppcheck warning level fixes
  • Included rotctld.exe



  • [CLR] click only on button
  • KST message cleanup, TNX to OK2WO
  • linux xset fix, TNX to OK4DJ
  • HTTP header parse fix, TNX to OK7SE
  • Configure C99 fix, TNX to OK2JRQ
  • Fixed empty RST-S bug, TNX to G1OGY
  • Spy active band (*)
  • Fixed tucnakrc parse



  • Display AS in imperial units option
  • Ctrl+S for hamlib/remote rotator stop, TNX to G1OGY
  • Rotar description up to 8 characters
  • Configure socklen_t fix, TNX to Florian Weimer



  • Fixed ADIF import, TNX to OK2WO
  • Fixed keypad double keys and Ctrl +-
  • Removed accidentally create of font18x32.png
  • Robust KST /sh us
  • Limit rit to +-10000 Hz



  • ON4KST telnet protocol change
  • Fixed AS download crash, TNX to OK2SLC
  • Fixed keypad on windows (Ctrl +-)
  • Menu triple bar



  • DARC Worked All Germany Contest, TNX to DF2ET
  • SP activity contest, TNX to SQ6EMM
  • Gentoo build fix, TNX to DL1JBE
  • MMMonVHF instead of EBW
  • USB info about opened Davac and Rotar, TNX to OK1MZM
  • KST full name (including bands) in QSO info
  • Davac reset on startup



  • AcKST is now latest activity, not presence
  • Fixed EDI import crash, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Linux lock permission fix, TNX to OK4DJ
  • Fullscreen fix, TNX to OK7KM
  • Allow 4k displays
  • libzia bfd/binutils require fix, TNX to OK2JRQ
  • RST recovery from *.swp
  • ifa_addr == NULL fix, TNX to OK2JRQ



  • Mode change from menu, default RST fix, TNX to OK4DJ
  • FM Alt+M accidental CQ fix
  • Argument -c for other tucnakrc
  • Minimal required glib is 2.30
  • Fixed memory leaks discovered by valgrind
  • AS info can use temporary locator, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Fixed czech network info
  • itrm free fix, TNX to Ozkan Sezer
  • zifaces redefinition fix, TNX to Ozkan Sezer



  • Italian activity contest, TNX to IU5BON
  • Memory free fix, TNX to IU5BON
  • MacOs/linux interfaces detect, TNX to IU5BON
  • MacOs build fix, TNX to IU5BON
  • Fixed aircraft plural, TNX to IU5HKX
  • IARU band names convert at start
  • IARU band names fix
  • Linux desktop file icon/exec fix, TNX to SQ6EMM
  • DARC XMAS contest, tttype fix, TNX to DF2ET
  • Fixed hamlib configure, TNX to DH5YM



  • CW breakable only opt-in
  • RIT read only if supported, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Hamlib voice/morse thread fix, TNX to SQ6EMM
  • Input breaks only repeated CQ, TNX to OZ9GE
  • Minimal rig poll is 100ms, TNX to SQ6EMM



  • Fixed gcc 10.2 warnings
  • Moon contest 23cm
  • Fixed zserial_close race condition
  • Fixed expedition mode from wizzard, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Rotator offset
  • KST networking partial rewrite
  • Updated KST IP, used without DNS
  • Content-type check in AS, RainViewer
  • Excluded vhfcontestnet
  • Swap recovery keeps date/time, TNX to OK1FIK
  • Code inout breaks CQ, TNX to OK1FIK
  • Infinite rotator beam
  • CW/SSB CQ using Hamlib, TNX to SQ6EMM



  • Ruhrgebiets Contest, TNX to DF2ET
  • Alt+A crash, TNX to OK2SLC
  • Linux interfaces bug fixed, TNX to G1OGY



  • Hamlib 4.3.1 in windows package :-))
  • IARU band names update, TNX to OK5ZS
  • Linux double Alt+M fix, TNX to IZ3GME
  • Linux winkey timeout fix, TNX to IZ3GME
  • KST messages "CALL MSG" showed in bottom log
  • Fixed border redraw after locator change



  • DARC 2m Education Contest in wizzard
  • Rainviewer Web Mercator projection fix
  • AS info above clouds in map
  • AS tracking hysteresis +-1deg
  • Fixed DNS crash
  • Hamlib 4.2 fix, TNX to KF5OIM



  • Paleni carodejnic partial support, TNX to OK4DJ
  • ARI DX partial support, TNX to OK4DJ
  • Airscatter plane tracking by rotator
  • Hamlib rotator elevation and baudrate support
  • Rainviewer support, TNX to RT5D
  • Fixed gnutls error messages
  • KST & -> &
  • Removed qsop_method total_method debug message



  • Fixed meteox load, TNX OK4DJ
  • Map context menu on right click to turn rotator
  • Fixed crash before QSO edit, TNX to OK1PKO



  • tucnaknames update, TNX to OK4DJ
  • HTML code in separate columns, TNX to DF2ET
  • DARC Easter Contest, TNX to DF2ET
  • Fixed crash after QSO edit, TNX to OK1ELE
  • Fixed Android 4.1 library order, TNX to OK1PKO
  • Sums across all bands in HTML report, TNX to DF2ET
  • Fixed android locale characters problem



  • SOTA and DXC update, TNX to OK2MUF
  • GTK2 -> GTK3 for libzia messagebox
  • Changed i18n generation not to require ISO8859-2 locales
  • Fixed free() bug under Linux, TNX to OK3TV
  • Fixed some problems reported by Valgrind
  • Ctrl+Up/Down arrows emulate PageUp/PageDown



  • Moon contest full support (in QTH use minus instead of spaces, only english chars)
  • Fixed Contest Lombardia points
  • TNX to OK5ZS for precise testing
  • fix (HTTPS)
  • TLS (HTTPS) support using GNUTLS
  • Re-arranged Contest options, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Support for contest phases, TNX to OK6RP, OK5ZS
  • STF export, TNX to DF2ET
  • Tucnakdw update, TNX to G1OGY
  • ICAO DB update, TNX to G1OGY
  • Fixed text file load without trailing CRLF, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Fixed ICAO DB, TNX to G1OGY
  • Fixed zsdl variable, TNX to DF2ET
  • SOTA export, TNX to OK2MUF
  • Directory to store logs, TNX to DF2ET
  • Adif ERROR export choices, TNX to DF2ET



  • New Debian maintainer OK3ON
  • Fixed QRV window crash, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Skips wkd WWL in KST list
  • Fixed map update after contest open/close, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Tmpqsos context menu, added infos also for fifo context menu
  • Scatterpoint detect
  • Fixed bug in tmpqsos
  • Renamed A/C to AS
  • Support for SDL2
  • Detected SIOCGIFHWADDR for MacOs, TNX to SQ2JUL
  • Fixed ASCII texts conversion for Android, TNX to OK5ZS



  • Fixed crash on file choose (EDI import), TNX to G1OGY
  • R-Contest, TNX to DF2ET
  • BSD style -Wl,-map
  • KST menu to select call when text scrolls fast
  • SDL events in same thread on MacOs, TNX to SQ2JUL
  • ADIF items update, TNX to DF2ET
  • Fixed hamlib rotar
  • Trace hamlib rotars
  • ` toggles split VFOs MAIN/SUB, TNX to OK1FIK



  • New hamlib 3.3 in windows package, TNX to OK2WO, OZ9GE
  • Fixed tucnakdw prefixes recognition (SK6), TNX to OZ9GE
  • JO57 is SM6
  • Libzia.pc
  • Increased rotator timeout ranges
  • Replaced obsolete glib macros
  • New config.guess and config.sub for aarch64
  • All c and h files are in utf-8
  • New libbfd macros support
  • Support for detailed tucnakdw, TNX to OK2WO
  • QRG in QSOs window for M7IMF
  • Do not print open hdkeyb error mesage
  • Fixed crash under terminal with long name
  • DARC VHF UHF uW contest, TNX to DF2ET



  • EXC len 20 characters
  • KST message from right click in log (bottom of screen)
  • Rig error message showed
  • Fixed rig device lock
  • COM keying on single pin
  • GCC warning fixes
  • Autoconf obsolete macro remove, TNX to OK2JRQ
  • Some files in UTF-8, TNX to OK2JRQ
  • Next fix for, TNX to G1OGY



  • Fixed, TNX to G1OGY
  • GCC-10 fixes, TNX to Robert-André Mauchin
  • Tucnakdw update, TNX to G1OGY
  • WSA multipliers update, TNX to DF2ET
  • Fixed broken libpng.dll, TNX to OZ9GE



  • FSF address update, TNX to OK2JRQ
  • WNA multipliers update, TNX to DF2ET
  • HTTP server refresh, TNX to DF2ET
  • K7FRY's locator map, TNX to G1OGY
  • Different EXC length, TNX to DF2ET
  • Fixes for OpenBSD
  • Some warning fixes
  • MacOS build, TNX to Vitaliy UT4UAZ
  • Fixed build under FreeBSD 12.0
  • Optional exchange in Cabrillo, TNX to DF2ET
  • Fixed msvcr120.dll, TNX to OK1CDJ, OK5ZS



  • Fixed startup crash on Debian i386, TNX G1OGY



  • Valid QSO count for OK2WO
  • Changed export extension ADIF->ADI
  • Fixed wifi interface name under Windows
  • New libpng.dll
  • Removed battery support under Windows
  • Switch to VS2013 (toolset v120_xp)
  • Fixed battery state detection win32



  • Removed libusb0 under windows
  • Contest Lombardia support
  • Removed support
  • Do not mark DUPE in expedition mode



  • Us-ascii strings in Android to prevent charset-relate crash >= 7.0
  • Worked WWLs in map displayed red
  • WWL in KST users list, missing WWL multipliers displayed green
  • SSID support for ON4KST chat
  • PTT tail
  • 59* (numeric keypad) is RST-S, TNX to OK5ZS
  • Updated wetteronline rain map (site change)


  • Quiet mode for soundwrapper
  • Uninstall cleanup on Windows
  • Fixed "QRM" from remote rotator. TNX to OK1XDF
  • Upgraded libftdi to 1.4 under MSVC
  • Back to VS2010 for WinXP
  • Cabrillo EXC indent



  • Fixed new gcc warnings
  • KST dark yellow of worked call, also not selected
  • Lowered priority of A/C thread
  • Compute A/C for whole QRV list
  • Fixed crash on Android 7, TNX to OK1USW
  • Fixed KST sort by NR
  • Improved RIG timeout
  • Fixed RIT read from rig
  • MSVC120 (VS1013)
  • Plane type and wingspan in map
  • KST /sh us sent after connect
  • QRV list rework
  • KST QRB filter
  • Ask for sked B



  • KST color for station worked on actual band (dark yellow)
  • KST color - station worked on all read-write bands is dark grey
  • Fixed KST A/C info, call with -number



  • X-QSO: in cabrillo, TNX to DO2HG
  • German translation of program, TNX to DO2HG
  • ON UBA contest in wizzard, TNX to DO2HG
  • claimed live score to
  • removed KST debug dump, TNX to G1OGY



  • Rainscatter does not show low intensity rain
  • New band multipliers for NAC
  • Fx macros in CW window, TNX to DL5YBZ
  • Fixed rotctld filename, TNX to DL4PD
  • Fixed crash in DXC, TNX to DL4PD
  • Fixed mingw compile
  • Fixed compile errors witout SDL, TNX to OK1CDJ



  • Fixed Spy crash, TNX to OK1CT
  • Fixed hamlib rotator, TNX to OZ1CT
  • Fixed update crash, TNX to DJ0QZ
  • Fixed startup crash in text mode
  • Fixes for FreeBSD 10.2
  • Updated WNA/WSA scoring in support files



  • Support for Multiplied exchanges
  • Support for WNA and WSA Westphalia Activity
  • DOKs in validated EXCs
  • A/C smaller planes on smaller zoom
  • JA in tucnakdw
  • SDR without SDL
  • Fixed localization crashes in SDL init
  • Rainscatter maps
  • Menu Set Mode for AM/FM/RTTY



  • Fixed A/C feed load interrupt under minimal altitude
  • A/C feed URL got from server
  • Fixed text in the "Only digits mean" button



  • Summary dialog before upload
  • Stats WWL radius
  • Fixed qsoglob in tucnakwiz for SSB Liga
  • Fixed tucnakrc crash after downgrade
  • Fixes for clang 3.5
  • Fixed many rig PTT problems, TNX to G4ZTR
  • Fixed race condition in rig initialization
  • New rig option Force handshake NONE, TNX to G4ZTR
  • Hamlib 3.1~git in windows package
  • Fixed bug in first start in textmode
  • Compile fixes for probably bug in gcc 4.6
  • Support for libftdi 1.0
  • Fixed bug in QSO trace under windows, TNX to SP6LTC



  • Koel-Achen contest wizzard and EXC data, TNX to DL4PD
  • Fixed bug in QRB compute JN54KP-JN54KP, TNX to IU4APB
  • Ctrl+Up/Down in bandmap tunes rig to next spot
  • Use in DXC window sets rig frequency
  • Fixed AC start time display, TNX to OK3MAD
  • Inverse display
  • Fixed "ZC4:" bug in tucnakdw, TNX to DL7BST
  • Fixed unifinished QSO without qsonr, TNX to DL7BST
  • DXCC multipliers in HF window
  • Included and master.scp, TNX to DL7BST



  • Fixed rebuild scripts and libiberty detection
  • Removed Crash test and Int.error test also from v4, TNX to SP2FRY
  • Fixed italian translation, TNX to IK4XQT
  • AC's sorted in z-order
  • Fixed translations



  • RSGB M7 support for G4ZTR
  • Official Tucnak package in Debian, TNX to G8TMV
  • removed from install
  • Modifications of build system to satisfy Debian's pbuild
  • Fixed menu name, TNX to OZ1PIF
  • Fixed A/C info without known locator
  • Fixed A/C info crash, sw->zoom was not set



  • Fixed A/C freeze under WinXP, TNX to OZ9GE



  • Fixed bug in cor recalc on WinXP, TNX to OZ9GE
  • Fixed A/C WWL update, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Fixed update output parse


  • KST dump skip
  • Fixes for development on Jessie
  • Fixed missing WWLs in stats window, tnx to OZ9GE
  • Fixed Sun position jun-sep
  • Talk offline transfer
  • Updated Czech translation
  • Fixed scroll when searching in KST/DXC
  • Fixed QSO hash, can cause bad call highlight in KST/DXC
  • Fixed layout update in text mode after Misc options
  • Fixed and optimized cor recalculation
  • Airplane position is in the center of sign
  • Fixed new format of A/C feed
  • Updated KST server IP list
  • Show ! in DXC when call brings new EXC multiplier
  • Fixed CI-V address, TNX to OK1CDJ
  • Allow up to 4 digits and letters in callsign
  • Fixed crash when adding chart without opened contest, TNX to IZ3GME (ex IW3IKN).
  • Fixed gen-conly script
  • Italian translation, TNX to IK1RAC
  • Anti-aliased qso cross in map
  • Fixed cabrillo frequency and header, TNX to OK1UGE
  • New countries in tucnakdw, TNX to F4CIB
  • Remove branch number from package names
  • Fixed lintian errors and some warnings
  • Fixed characters typed with right alt keyboard layout switch
  • Optimized layout of OSK
  • A/C info plot instead of QSO info
  • Crossing A/C are blue
  • Fixed http upload of long files (>cca 100kB)
  • Fixed crash in wiki upload
  • Set higher priority to cwdaemon thread on windows
  • Fixed crash in main_msg_handled (CW:!)
  • Fixed compile with some version of libbfd



  • Window highlight searches for whole words
  • Allow to use non-call as operator
  • Fixed too many open files bug in SSB CQ
  • Fixed mediawiki upload credentials
  • Reverse portrait and landscape mode on Android
  • Lower mouse accuracy needed for menu separators and borders, TNX to OK1MZM



  • Fixed KST A/C map crash, TNX to SP3IYM
  • Fixed crash in vhfcontestnet upload
  • Ask for sked and Message open OSK
  • Fixed Alt+PNK in KST within OSK



  • Fixed crash in QRV window redraw, TNX to OZ7Z



  • Reload interfaces button in Network info
  • Spy shows error when contest is long
  • Android notification and service
  • Fixed crash on Android 4.4 KitKat, TNX to my wife Bara
  • Fixed OSK KST Alt+K, Ctrl+K, TNX to OK1MZM
  • Fixed OSK size, OSK close button click area, out of OSK clicks pass, TNX to OK1MZM
  • QRV list create in menu Subwins->Add contest
  • Wiki report upload to mediawiki site
  • EDI log upload to
  • Fixed HF Edit QSO bug, TNX to F5NLG
  • Removed Crash test and Int.error test, TNX to DL4DZ
  • hamlib uses win32 api for FUNcube
  • SDR right button drag tunes radio
  • Fixed many SDR bugs



  • Experimental support for SDR
  • Fixed wifi UDP negotiation on Android
  • Fixed band change tucnak->radio
  • Fixed rig lock problem
  • Translate 0xd8 to 0 in KST
  • Fixed spy and contest load when remote node is connected
  • Fixed bad comparison in initialization, TNX to David Binderman
  • Fixed gain display of QTF=8, tnx to OZ9GE
  • Anti-aliased map in HTML/wiki exports and over HTTP
  • Speed up window resizing
  • Remember maximized state under Windows
  • Fixed crash causet by too small application window
  • Bigger font allowed in on screen keyboard
  • Bigger font for higher resolution at startup
  • Window maximized at startup
  • Open web browser with WWL in Call info
  • Do not preload checkboxes in Load from network dialog when loading from same host
  • Autorepeat in OSK
  • Inputline history works in OSK
  • Show battery state
  • Support for arbitrary category (PSect in EDI)
  • Fixed ftdi_usb_get_strings detection under 'nixes and msvc
  • Fixed multipliers in CQSOs EDI line, TNX to OZ1FF
  • Fixes in Scope/FFT window
  • Fixed hamlib configure path
  • Fixed redraw of focus rectangle around window



  • New windows icon resolutions
  • Seconds marks in Player window
  • Send locator to KST during connect chat
  • Experimental focus rectangle around window
  • Experimental portrait orientation under Android
  • Support for RSGB M5-type contests
  • Fixed external tucnakwiz load under windows
  • Fixed many SSB CQ and recording issues
  • Fixed FFT redraw after ssbd file format change
  • Fixed wav play fail under Android
  • Accelerated vertical window scroll under Android
  • Fixed scope window flashing when recording
  • Fixed device lockfile delete
  • Fixed serial port detect under Android



  • Serial port detection in Info
  • Battery state in Info
  • Close button in on screen keyboard
  • Drag menu selection by mouse/touch
  • Location update by click on Android
  • Fixed lockfile path on Arch linux, TNX to DF4OR
  • Playing SSB CQ on Android
  • Android API back to 4 (Android 1.6)
  • Fixed shift in on screen keyboard
  • Fixed under cursor nummer-ended call recognition in KST/DXC
  • Fixed spy state request after contest load
  • Fixed screen layout with spy activated
  • Inputline history in touch mode
  • On screen keyboard capslock
  • Fixed settings on Android
  • Save/restore state on Android after apps switch
  • Fixed menu Window->Open connection
  • On screen keyboard replace Fn with star
  • On screen keyboard swap comma and question mark
  • On screen keyboard shows same case size as it writes
  • Shake on end of scroll in windows
  • Reversed QSO scroll direction, no QSO highlight
  • Faster window scroll in touch mode



  • Disable screensaver on Android (off by default)
  • New touch keyboard symbols
  • Geolocation in Info on Android
  • Actual locator in new contest on Android
  • Fixed swap import, TNX to OK1HRA
  • Ignored spy lines in old contest
  • Fixed screen layout after Log lines change
  • Removed >< in A/C result
  • QSOs cursor jumps to last qso when window is activated
  • Scroll in search results in kst and dxc windows
  • Use of call (kst, dxc, sked, qrv) adds call to inputline history
  • Fixed Shift+F3 in contest
  • Set PTT over CAT
  • Fixed rig_open error reporting
  • Get locator also from QRV database
  • Change font in first Contest def dialog
  • Fixed NAC on 70MHz
  • Fixed A/C load (included in 3.20-android)



  • Fixed crash after TAB in text mode, tnx to OK1HRA
  • Fixed database load in New contest from net over slow link
  • Fixed negative float number read from tucnakrc
  • rigctl.exe and rigctld.exe in msvc package
  • Hamlib in msvc package
  • Fixed tucnakwiz load
  • NAC is also on 70MHz, TNX to OZ1FF
  • Fixed shell close under Win32
  • Fix QRG decimal dots in QRG
  • Rotar description on main screen
  • Select in QRV window
  • Testing support for A/C prediction
  • Fixed Home in Chart window under linux
  • Support for serial numbers for FTDI converters
  • Many fixes and improvements in rig control
  • Fixed crash in file unlock
  • Improved rig trace
  • Alt+F10 maximize/restore window under msvc/mingw
  • Improved settings under msvc

=3.19 2013-04-28

  • Automake silent rules
  • File libzia*.so.d moved to /usr/lib/libzia
  • Fixed CQ repeat timer, TNX to OK2WO
  • Removed OS Shell in SDL mode, TNX to OK2WO
  • Can select menu item checbox also by mouse/touch
  • Close OSK before DUPE dialog
  • Ctrl+Y clears also OSK inputline
  • Fixed platform trailing 'x'



  • Initial locator load on android
  • Fixed -d argument under msvc and mings
  • Fixed bug in SWP load (unbelievable, must be here many years)
  • Sndfile is optional
  • Disabled rotar description in menu
  • Update for EEE
  • Again fixed checkbox in Shell menu item
  • Fixed Invalid option message
  • Fixed empty space redraw in text mode
  • Fixed Bad auth message
  • Probably fixed crash of deb's tucnak on wheezy, TNX to OK1TKP
  • New option No device locks
  • Removed use of deprecated GMemChunk
  • Fixed most of warnings for gcc 4.7
  • Improved sound latency
  • Fixed hamlib debug mode (OR of enabled rigs)
  • Export to text file for KST and DXC windows
  • Dump RW bands and hashes for diagnostics of problem caught in March contest
  • Export as EDI fill operators when field is empty
  • In touch mode screenshot is without keyboard
  • Show stars instead of KST password
  • Distribute RIT over rigs
  • QRG can be entered without contest
  • Experimental support for more rigs
  • Fixed up arrow in QSOs window with Show All on
  • Add contest and Add files menu items in Chart subwin/context menu



  • Fixed secondary DXCC prefix recognition
  • Fixed crash in empty QRV list using mouse wheel, TNX to OZ9F
  • Fixed worked QSO color after QSO edit
  • CEPT prefix and suffix sensitive QRV list (tnx to G1OGY)
  • Support for debug info from dynamic libzia
  • Fixed checkbox in Shell menu item



  • Winkey over TCP/IP
  • Fixed internal error message, TNX to OK1CDJ
  • Removed QRB QSO check warning
  • DXCC name in call info
  • Enter without contest runs call info
  • Fixed libzia compile --without-gtk
  • Fixed TUCNAK_DEBUG variable (broken since 3.00)
  • Removed support for winkey+davac4 (never 100% working)
  • Fixed unix shell echo without PTY
  • Idea: OSK keeps worked QSO visible
  • Support for libsndfile (no SSB CQ/rec now) under android
  • Support for hamlib under android
  • Confirm call/exc/wwl by mouse click
  • Android key trace
  • Android menu key opens menu
  • Rewritten parts of mouse handling code for drag window scroll
  • In touch mode DXC/KST click always shows context menu
  • Swap ENTER and BS on OS keyboard
  • Released public beta od android
  • Map icons Home, Zoom in, Zoom out
  • Touch control
  • New font 18x32
  • Private release of beta Android
  • Scroll DXC bandmap using Shift+Arrows, PageUp, PageDown, Home
  • Frequency in QRV list takes only needed space
  • Higlighted line in bandmap and qrv list changed from inverse to [...]
  • Polish language file, TNX to SP5QWB
  • Fixed sound type without portaudio
  • Uploaded transitional debian package tucnak2 -> tucnak3
  • Insert in chart window chooses contest instead of file
  • Settings and Info in Help menu (corresponds to -s and -i command line arguments)
  • Improved network contest load with long databases over slow links
  • Re-arranged Network and Trace dialog
  • Fixed remote connect to local host
  • Fixed ] in talk window
  • OK? at end of Ask for sked
  • Fixed crash in wiki export in text mode
  • --with-pkg configure argument
  • Fixed platform and machine type under mingw



  • Own update system for deb.i386, deb.amd64 and msvc
  • Inputline history increased to 30 items
  • Right click in title of QRV part of KST window choose optional QRV column
  • When QRV sort is by QTF or KST, the QTF is shown in QRV part of KST window
  • Can clicn to QRV column headers in QRV window to sort items
  • Can click to QRV column headers in KST window to sort items
  • Support for mouse in QRV part of KST window
  • Support for incorrect KST /CQ command recognition '> (0) (CALL) ...'
  • Improved search in KST window (no right move, highlight search pattern)
  • Accidentaly entered 2-7 numbers in KST are processed as contest exchange (RST,NR)
  • Fixed accidental kill when shell terminated under linux
  • Fixed codepage od DNS errors under msc/mingw
  • Fixed socket connected handler in KST, DXC (should not happen in real life)
  • Operator change mark in chart, operator show in title
  • Removed old New from net
  • Removed old spy
  • Mass R-O band set Bands->Set read-only
  • QRV info showed instead of top log line to save space
  • QRV info show also for dupe
  • Ctrl+L under SDL switches to 24G. Without SDL means terminal redraw.
  • Fixed SSID-calls add to C_W
  • Fixed chart points axis description
  • Changed font for msie in httpd



  • Fixed contest load with 0 points
  • Fixed new cty.dat load, tnx to 9A4ZM



  • Fixed right click out of windows titles
  • QTF in QRV window right aligned
  • Allow reverse sort in QRV window
  • Fixed crash in New Contest, tnx to SP5QWB
  • Fixed alternative slash key in QRV window, tnx to 9A4ZM
  • Updated cty.dat (2O12L)
  • distributet, not working



  • Fixed debian build --without-bfd
  • Fixed libzia's settins include in deb
  • Band multiplier for NAC
  • Alternative priority set to 50 (tucnak2 has 40)
  • Remote host is resolved
  • Fixed resolve error handle under platforms with getaddrinfo
  • Must not enter first two letters of locator (60LJ is JO60LJ for stn. from JN69)
  • Removed direct backtrace from internal_error
  • Fixed tucnak.d and bfd_open path
  • Autosave and floppy save fixes, TNX to OZ7Z
  • Platform and version to crash messageboxes's titles



  • Left click on window tab shows context menu same as Subwins
  • Run mode stat next to WPM indicator
  • New hotkey Ctrl+R (tnx to 9A4ZM)
  • Use speaker hidden under windows
  • Fixed text in tucnak3.desktop
  • QRV list transferred by New From Network
  • Fixed network reconnect when remote is connected
  • Enter in log window adds empty line for
  • Fixed accidental stdin close in winkey/rotator
  • New option net_remote_enable
  • Fixed color of lowercase KST call
  • Removed debugging of P3 command
  • Page Up in QSOs window wraps to end of list, TNX to OK1XDF
  • Fixed heap corruption after twice sf_close() when recording device cannot be opened
  • Binary zloc in libzia/src
  • Deb dependency to libzia of same version
  • Use -release in libzia creation



  • Removed libbfd from debian build because binutils versions incompatibility
  • Fixed crash after tab in welcome dialog probably only under msvc/mingw



  • Backtrace uses map file under mingw
  • Updated backtrace for msvc
  • Fixed winkey also under msvc/mingw



  • Fixed winkey, TNX to OK1HRA
  • Unhandled Exception under mingw
  • Fixed compile under OpenSuse due broken binutils-devel
  • Platform in window title and on some next places
  • Fixed impout.dll for paralel port under mingw
  • Included settings from libzia
  • Fixed parameter parse (-i) under msvc/mingw
  • Example tucnaknames and tucnakcw in binary
  • Enter in Welcome dialog does not run Language choose



  • Can be compiled under mingw, not tested
  • Fixed IPV6 resolving, tnx to CT1DRB
  • Fixed -liberty compile on OpenSuse, tnx to CT1DRB
  • SDL keyboard delay/rate taken from system under MSVC
  • Fixed operator send for Network Info
  • Fixed jump to first QSO in QSOs findow when first fucused
  • Fixed WAV search after Ctrl+P in QSOs window under MSVC
  • $E in default ssbd_template
  • Repeated play in Player window
  • Fixed subwin inputlines position without resize
  • Thread names for debugging
  • Band name in QSO info
  • Suspicious chars ?! are red
  • QSO check after call/locator enter
  • Maybe fixed rig QRG resend after band change



  • Probably fixed fftw but not released
  • Msvc version uses Release build to improve speed
  • Fixed X11/putty mouse handle for coordinates>94
  • Fixed RBN call selection in DXC window
  • Fixed background on gnome-terminal
  • Fixed DXC spots in HF window
  • Fixed Shell window under Linux
  • Code cleanup
  • Httpd options dialog
  • Fixed httpd SO_REUSEADDR
  • Fixed DXC spot parse



  • Fullscreen Ctrl+F11
  • Font change Ctrl+, Ctrl-, Ctrl0
  • New font 8x13
  • Disabled portaudio in linux build because ubuntu segfault in Pa_Initialize
  • Speedup: calls are not compared using regular expressions
  • Speedup: calls are hold also in hash
  • Oh mistake and Ask for sked in KST window
  • QSOs from all bands in QSOs window



  • Fixed Tucnak data.lnk
  • Window title is Tucnak instead of tucnak3
  • New contest from network (flood)
  • New spy method (flood)
  • Fixed operator load from contest files
  • Connection to remote tucnak
  • Kill connection in Subwin menu


2012-06-18 (R1724)

  • red highlight of 73-like KST messages
  • turn on SSBWAY pin also during CW CQ to allow CQ on more band simultaneously
  • dark yellow calls in subwin only when worked on all read-write bands
  • fixed crash when sdl cannot be initialized
  • kst logged QRV stations from QRV list
  • fixed accidental QRV list sort change when subwin is leaved with Alt+number
  • changed color of qsos and qso gain in map subwin
  • svn version (revision) compiled-in in binary
  • fixed crash after contest wizard, TNX to OK3MAD
  • call selection and right mouse in qrv subwin
  • QSO window does not loose focus when switched to it
  • QSO window does not switch to last QSO when focused


2012-05-09 (R1637)

  • fixed SSID'ized call info and call use in KST and DXC
  • fixed crash after home key in KST and DXC
  • fixed crash in quicksearch
  • fixed Diskfree text in audio dialog
  • fixed dxc_host delete
  • link with libzia can be static or dynamic
  • fixed new contest crash bug



  • fixed fftw sample count handle
  • updated libfftw3 3.3.1 to pl1 for msvc
  • qrg entry in khz (.144300)
  • bandmap in dxc window
  • new key l in map
  • disable screensaver under msvc
  • format of -i
  • libusb in installer
  • fixed time_t 64bit bug, tnx to G1OGY
  • highlighted item in sked window, enter send to worked qso
  • hamlib rotator fix, tnx to OK1HRA
  • rotator poll interval
  • fixed slow chart redraw without qsos
  • portautio must be at least version 0.19
  • fixed soundwrapper argc bug, tnx to DL1JBE
  • wider beamwidth in map
  • sked dialog rewrite, removed we_call and skedshift
  • charts are per band
  • loading of txt into chart loads also other bands
  • qso gain in for photo
  • alt+f4 closes tucnak under windows
  • progress indicator during exports and qso check
  • chart points axis value round
  • chart time axis extremes snapped to hours
  • removed charset menu
  • newline adter map image in wiki export
  • fixed portable calls in KST, DXC
  • QRB, QTF in Call info
  • removed Not mounted message when no floppy is defined
  • fixed floppy save under msvc


  • first test - march contest 2012 OK2M
  • change SDL key repeat
  • azimuthal star in map
  • simplyfied first contest options
  • (untested) support for hamlib rotators
  • fixed names after Alt+C, tnx to OK1MZM/YL
  • macro $J
  • exact qrg in cabrillo, tnx to OK2CQR
  • fixed rig qrg set after band switch
  • kst reads cwdb and namedb from /sh us command
  • double font height
  • readonly flag in bands menu
  • set default rst-s after band change
  • fixed race condition in eventpipe mutex create
  • mast icon in map
  • fixed map for photo feature
  • fixed sconn free bug
  • fixed chart file not found message
  • hdkeyb is started only with rotar(s)
  • removed dump on Ctrl+L
  • fixed sdev error messages handling
  • fixed lockfile delete after keying device close
  • fixed crossmode warning in qso check
  • show wkd info from qrv list
  • fixed chart.c compile under msvc
  • fixed bug in CW speed using winkey. TNX to DL5YBZ
  • fixed font draw with height!=16 under graphic windows
  • wkd, qrv in qso info
  • alt+k accepts usernames like call-2 and call/p
  • ctrl+k does not add (CALL)
  • rst in edit qso saved as uppercase
  • network info for -i
  • actual band selected in band menu
  • show more chars of cw cq in menu
  • fixed minor bug in wiki and html export
  • fixed crash in wiki export without sdl
  • fixed crash in macro $B without contest
  • common code moved to libzia
  • split header.h into more smaller headers
  • memory allocations only from glib
  • removed cba_t
  • forked v3



  • renamed debian to debian.unofficial
  • removed -lusb, tnx to EA4TV
  • hamlib rotator fix, tnx to OK1HRA
  • fixed slow chart redraw without qsos
  • fixed soundwrapper argc bug, tnx to DL1JBE
  • fixed possible pointer shot of '\0' behind last_screen



  • fixed names after Alt+C, tnx to OK1MZM/YL
  • exact qrg in cabrillo, tnx to OK2CQR
  • fixed rig qrg set after band switch
  • fixed band LO freq
  • debian/ updates for Jaime EA4TV



  • set default rst-s after band change
  • accpet portaudio options in tucnakrc
  • accept subwin KST(15) as Shell in tucnakrc
  • fixed race condition in eventpipe mutex create



  • fixed map for photo feature
  • strip binaries in deb package
  • fixed sconn free bug
  • support for libpng 1.5, tnx to DL1JBE
  • fixed chart file not found message



  • hdkeyb is started only with rotar(s)
  • removed dump on Ctrl+L
  • fixed sdev error messages handling
  • fixed lockfile delete after keying device close
  • fixed crossmode warning in qso check
  • show wkd info from qrv list
  • fixed chart.c compile under msvc
  • fixed bug in CW speed using winkey. TNX to DL5YBZ
  • fixed font draw with height!=16 under graphic windows



  • wkd, qrv in qso info
  • alt+k accepts usernames like call-2 and call/p
  • ctrl+k does not add (CALL)
  • rst in edit qso saved as uppercase
  • network info for -i
  • actual band selected in band menu
  • show more chars of cw cq in menu
  • fixed minor bug in wiki and html export
  • fixed crash in wiki export without sdl
  • fixed crash in macro $B without contest



  • fixed crash in contest close
  • forked v3



  • released as tribute to Douglas Adams. Don't panic!
  • fixed trace_sock
  • fixed udev script - usb_device -> usb
  • fixed some gcc warnings
  • html/http/wiki exports map and chart as png
  • http server for contest progress presentation
  • changed fifo time format to HH:MM
  • fixed wiki map description
  • fixed volume indicator flicker
  • fixed trace condition
  • show chart files without sdl
  • fixed grid & boundaries in map, tnx to DG6MAN
  • libgpm is disabled by default
  • fixed player and chart windows add
  • fixed network interfaces detect
  • ignored duplicate $GLIB_CFLAGS, $GLIB_LIBS in
  • new macros in tucnak -s



  • added _cv_ in autoconf cached variables
  • updated missing script
  • fixed iconv detection
  • fixed tucnakrc load under WIN32
  • sdev trace
  • trace rewrite
  • split master db into more strings
  • rewritten cbr items choice for OKOM DX
  • compile under msvc and ming but unusable at this time
  • fixed qrv edit/insert (should overwrite another item)
  • added player (and chart) window types in Add subwin
  • removed testing code for Ctrl+P in main inputline
  • experiments with waterfall palette and filtering
  • frequency axis in fft scope
  • frequency argument in soundwrapper for testing
  • tab complete file in file import
  • chart subwin
  • fixed cursor position in inputline history alt+h
  • degree sign in C_W quick search
  • fixed alt+letter in qrv search
  • rig error code instead of qrg
  • changed rig debug level
  • fixed rigs with unsupported rig_get_vfo()
  • +1/-1 alloc bugs detection with --enable-leak-debug
  • fixed qrv insert from keyboard
  • fixed text upcase in qrv insert/edit



  • fixed ftdi_context portability between libftdi versions
  • qso gain diagram
  • qrv gain diagram respects worked count
  • qrv item insert
  • qrv item edit
  • new contest loads ~/tucnak/qrv
  • fixed qrv points drawing when mouse move



  • fixed bug in map window during contest load
  • fixed memory alloc problem in master db
  • degree sign as hexa constant 0xb0
  • rewritten qrv database
  • fixed master database comment filter
  • increased length of contest option numbers, tnx to RU2FM
  • calls from master database are never deleted
  • fixed contest date in contest options
  • qso check warning if exists remark
  • fixed qsonr in cabrillo output, tnx to OK1HRA
  • fixed avg unit pts/km in wiki and html output
  • fixed compile without various --without combinations
  • removed forgotten font13x24.png create
  • QRG in edit QSO
  • correct size of screenshots in HTML export
  • fixed runmode CQ without hamlib, tnx to DL1JBE
  • fixed Ctrl+3 to Ctrl+9 under SDL
  • wav player seems to be usable



  • two letters input moved to unresolved area
  • fixed some minors in runmode, tnx to OK3MAD
  • fixed soundwrapper sound frequency
  • rewritten runmode for A1/MMC
  • fixed runmode CQ only in CW mode (TNX to OK1HRA/TC03W)
  • fixed runmode TU
  • skeleton for wiki publish
  • fixed TU give in run mode
  • > for qrb>average in qsocheck
  • changed delay between hamlib rig calls for slow radios
  • fixed string truncate in inputline insert
  • rig freq read reads from actual VFO
  • rig mode change keeps bandwidth
  • fixed autogive=0
  • expedition mode



  • fixed rig ID choose
  • fixed segv in loading of contest with HF window and > 6 active bands
  • do not add 'similar call' to qsocheck when this call is also worked
  • set rig handshake to none (default for TS850 is CTS/RTS)
  • set rig timeout to 500ms (480s is unusable)
  • gdb and rigctl under cygwin
  • fixed cygncurses-9 dependency for sh.exe under cygwin
  • updated tucnakdw (4X, ZC4, many UA)
  • improved edit qso time parsing
  • autogive mode after some typed chars
  • macro $B
  • bell sign for character 7 under sdl
  • in macro $I dots are replaced by question marks
  • added baudrate for rig control
  • fixed R9SA parsing as report (tnx to OK1HRA)
  • WAZ and ITU in HF window
  • rewritten exc list in HF window
  • master call database
  • fixed SFI parse
  • "live" QSO list in HF window
  • enlarged layout of HF window
  • updated UA wwls in tucnakdw
  • fixed missing excs display
  • argument -m sets time from master PC
  • 'c' key for center screen to QTH
  • 'p' key for photo in map
  • fixed second part of CQSOs for method 16
  • summery table with links to bands in html export
  • fixed buffer and period time to ms (was us)
  • similar calls are computed using Levenshtein distance
  • cleared qso check message
  • fixed top10 formatting for qrb>=1000 km
  • reverted to old udev rule style (for lenny)
  • fixed memory leaks in dwdb.c, rotar.c



  • fixed crash in fft calculation
  • support for Championnat de France THF
  • alt-j: short access for A/C and M/S cq
  • qrv list save
  • configure checks for make
  • fixed large qso number display in global QSO mode, tnx to DL5YBZ
  • support for prefixes with slash (3D2/C)
  • fixed crash after IT9x call (* in prefix in cty.dat), tnx to DL5YBZ
  • fixed $MN macro, tnx to OK1HRA (GL in WPX!)
  • send CW2 and save QSO also after QSONR
  • list import
  • support for odd/even/1st/2nd TX (MS,AERO)
  • fixed suid of soundwrapper
  • updated cty.dat
  • SYSFS{} changed to ATTR{} for new udev versions



  • changed time separator from . to :
  • four digits are QSO number, not month and day of month
  • deb package uses suided soundwrapper
  • macro $I
  • fixed statistics calculation after loading of contest
  • added frequency to adif export
  • fixed exchange output in cabrillo and adif export
  • changed format of ChangeLog to Mediawiki source format
  • get back generated debian/changelog, it seems we have no DEB maintainer



  • fixed usaca multiple names
  • rit clear after qso save in run mode
  • support for ARRL International DX Contest
  • fixed ARRL VHF scoring
  • turned off cq repeat for cwdaemon
  • rig changes: poll interval, mode and band transfer



  • cabrillo export for ARRL VHF contests
  • fixed leak debug on AMD64
  • fixed double rig_cleanup()
  • fixed using of non-serial ports in hamlib (f.e. rpc.rigd, type 1901)
  • rover (/R) are not dupe when are in different big wwl
  • fixed EDI properties dialog
  • script for Asus EEE binary and optimized configuration
  • updated tucnakrc (HF bands, windows)



  • fixed crash if mode is changed without FFT window. TNX to DF4OR
  • crossmode test in QSO check



  • fixed device locking under cygwin, tnx to G1OGY



  • fixed corrupted contest date display in Open contest from net
  • fixed tucnakdw; JN89 is in OM
  • fixed cwdaemon and sdev double freeing
  • recording level has filtered DC
  • CW window holds PTT all time it is opened
  • removed debugging show of 1's under volume indicator
  • fixed (null) display in empty qrv list
  • speeded up sdl key repeat
  • removed delayed screen redraw
  • fixed KST new call upcase
  • DX network command sends only valid spots, no KST or other garbage
  • fixed rig qrg display (mode switch worked)
  • fixed ebw db import error message