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File menu

Play last sample

Play last recorded sample of band traffic. Very useful if you are not sure that Tucnak is recording band traffic properly. Press Ctrl+P during recording, the recording will be stopped and this last sample played.

Break record

Stop recording of band traffic. Use when you don't want to record for some reason or when you need to free soundcard device.

Memory info

Memory usage information

Show informations about memory usage of Tucnak:

  • cw items - count of callsigns in C_W database
  • wc items - count of locators in same database
  • latest - timestamp of newest record in C_W database (typically last run of Update C_W from contest or Update C_W from band
  • Exc - exchange name
  • exc items - count of callsigns in EXC database
  • cxe items - count of exchanges in same database
  • latest - timestamp of newest record in EXC database
  • Verified EXC - count of verified (only allowed) exchanges in VEXC database
  • prefixes - count of prefixes in the cty.dat
  • DXCCs - count of DX countries in the cty.dat
  • WWLs - count of big WWLs in the cty.dat
  • names - count of records in the name database
  • Master - count of calls in the master database or in internal harcoded database.
  • Memory - contents of file /proc/self/status
  • sbrk - size of data segment (man 2 sbrk)

Network info

On all sides are fields:

  • My - identification of this instance of tucnak. Combination of IP address and binded TCP port.
  • Global - ID of tucnak which is master for this instance of tucnak. Starting value for convengention is my own ID. When tucnak receives UDP broadcast with less valu e of IP address, it use this ID as master node.
  • Reload interfaces - Detects and remembers current state of network interfaces. Use f.e. when you plug network cable or connect to wifi while Tucnak is running.


Network informations on master computer
  • Slaves - slave nodes connected to this master. Items are:
    • connection state
    • operator on the other side
    • ID of slave
    • OK indicating slave runs same contest as master, data are replicating between nodes
    • counter for keepalive packets


Network informations on slave computer
  • Master - describes connection to the master. Items are same as above


Exit Tucnak

Exits this instance of Tucnak.