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Under Linux you don't need X11 (Xorg). The libSDL library have also libdirectfb backend. Here is described setup for standard Tucnak:

  • boot kernel with framebuffer support - add argument to grub, f.e. vga=791
  • switch to console Ctrl+Alt+F1
  • if you use root, you can skip following items:
    • you must be member of video group to access /dev/db0 - run as root: adduser <your user> video
    • you must have access to /dev/input/mice - run as root: chmod a+rw /dev/input/mice
  • run tucnak -g
  • press Ctrl+F11 to set fullscreen mode


  • /dev/input/mice would be better to solve using udev script
  • /dev/input/mice should be replaced with gpm; tucnak must be compiled with libgpm support