Merge QSOs from all bands to one window

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Another nice thing would be the option to have the QSOs of ALL bands in the QSO-List on one band instead of only the QSOs of the own band. That would allow to have the "situation" on all bands in view...without having to change to another band to see what qsos have been worked there the last minutes. That would be the same behaviour as in HF contesting programmes, where you can see the QSOs on all bands in the list of last qsos. The distinction of the different bands could be made by a new field in the QSO-list, and perhaps also by colour-distinction of different bands? We find incorporating colour hints into tucnak very helpful, it allows for getting the information right on first glance, even when tired or "stressed".

Stefan, DL1ELY

Done in 3.05. Press A in QSOs window. OK1ZIA