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You have two choices for creating a new contest log. You may select contest which was defined before by select New contest from wizard in Contest menu or select New and to set parameters of contest manually. You can add contest to tucnakwiz file (manually) for next using in the future.

Set name of contest on the first place in dialogue New Contest. Callsign, club and locator are probably sets.

Write date of begin of contest to item Date of contest. This item has effect only for naming contest's directory, not for export contest to EDI format.

Next options determine style of giving points.

Above OK and Cancel buttons are buttons with all bands which are set as QRV. You can set off some bands for actual contest only. Option Read-only prohibits any changes on band. It's suitable for network working.

Next items are described in Band defaults section.

Click on button 'EDI prop' in dialogue New Contest to go to dialogue where you can change name of your QTH. It is possible to set which operator is responsible to send log in Responsible op.

Button Responsible op executes dialog for setting of informations about responsible operator. See section Responsible operator.

Now press <OK>.

How to add band to existing contest

Adding new band to existing contest is not supported by program. But there is a workaround:

  • Close the original contest
  • Set new band as QRV in Band settings
  • Create new contest with same setting as original contest
  • Close new contest
  • Copy TXT and SWP files from new contest directory to the original contest directory
  • You can now delete the new contest directory
  • Open original contest. Program will detect all TXT files and load them