Notes on hand-editing Tucnak EDI files for G-land OE Contests

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These notes are now obselete because OE/EXC handling for all G-Land Multiplier Contests are included within tucnak starting with v 2.20.
Many thanks!

Every year, in the UK VHF&up Contest calendar, there are 6 contests (plus the whole 'Backpacker' series) that use the exchange of 'Postal District code' as an additional Multiplier - an "Optional Exchange" or "OE".
In certain parts of the UK the postal districts cover a large area so, to promote activity to and from these areas, their District Code can be counted more than once: 3x for GM Districts and 6x for GI.

Tucnak does not (yet) support multi-counting of OEs. Nor does it print a list of OEs worked during the contest in the 'Statistics' output file.

To summarise:

  • 1) 'G' OE Contests may use Postal District (forced to 2 char) for OE
  • 2) Set "OE Must be inserted = ON" in contest setup. (OEs are too valuable to forget)
  • 3) Non-G stations get "OO" for OE (there is no OO postal district in G[I|J|M|W|U]-land)
  • 3) Mistakes - no OE sent or rcvd - get "XX" (there is no XX postal district in G[I|J|M|W|U]-land)
  • 4) Postal districts in GM and GI can be worked multiple times for OE award

Post-contest editing

There follows the steps required to hand-edit a Tucnak EDI (Contest Entry) file in order to bring the content of the file into line with RSGB (VHF) Contest Committee regulations:

  • a) Edit** EDI file to set correct (G-style) 'PSect' (Open | Single OP Fixed | Single Op Other | etc, etc).
  • b) Edit 'MOpe1'/'MOpe2' as necessary - if 'Global' setting is used for Operator.
  • c) Review Statistics File to identify multi-scoring OEs. DXCC listings in the Statistics export will identify GM and GI QSOs and numbers involved.
  • d) GI contacts can count 6 OEs for same Postal District (Only 1 PD in whole of GI ('BT'))
  • e) Find and manually note all GM contacts and count Q/OE. GM PDs count up to 3 times per OE.
  • f) Find first "OO" QSO: Edit the Multiplier section (end of row) to remove multiplier 'N' for the OE (first 'N' column). Same for 'XX' if used.
  • g) 'Search & Replace' ;OO; with ;; - same for XX if used. G-land contest adjudicator MAY penalise "incorrect" OE of "OO" or "XX".
  • h) IN/DE-crement 'CExcs' as appropriate (Take away 'OO' and 'XX'; Add any Multi-counting GM/GI OEs)
  • i) Total up correct Multipliers and replace 'CToSc' with product: [CQSOP x Total Mult]

Save and close.

Edit** means use a pure TEXT editor (Gedit, vi, TextPad, MS Notepad) not a "Word processor". 

--'OGY 01:17, 17 August 2008 (CEST)