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Call: DL5YBZ
Name: Olaf
Loc : jn49lw or for /p jn48jv

Tucnak in use: Running Tucnak on Debian SID (I586 Desktop) or Debian Stable ( == Etch in the moment) on my Laptop (I486, Celeron based USB only) and Netbook ( Samsung N150 Atom N40 / Debain stable)


  • AGCW Contest
  • UHF Contest IARU style
  • CQ WPX CW (just for fun..)


  • external USB Soundcard and CAT Interface BX 120 Kit
  • Winkey 2 Keyer device
  • Elecraft K3 (10 W) + homemade transverters for UHF

ICQ: # 83484191