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Winkey support in Tucnak

This page is intendended to be a fast add on for the user manual, native Winkey support is still very experimental (v2.18) and may not work for you, but may work for someone else but me :-)

Due the lag of a working sample, Lada could only add a "blind" implemation of the Winkey command set (tnx for that!), so don't blame him for any problems. --Dl5ybz 13:04, 29 October 2008 (CET)

Getting started

  • Tucnak V2.18 or later
  • a Winkey device with USB port ( Winkey2 keyer from "Funkamateur" / USB has been tested to work ok.. at my (==DL5YBZ) private setup)

Programm Settings

  • Enter the Setup -> CW keying menue

Winkey setup1.gif

not used for USB line don't care
UDP port
not used for USB line don't care
Keying device 
/dev/ttyUSB0 (or any other USBx device your Keyer is connected to)
Initial speed [WPM]

Not used, Tucnak reads pot state from Winkey.

Not yet supported, hardwired in code to standard


(fill in if you have found one :-) )

useful links

Command set of Winkey2
Guide, how to drive Winkey devices by a program
Interface guide